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    What is coronavirus (COVID 19)? Coronaviruses are a family of viruses which can lead to people developing common colds and other upper respiratory tract infections when infected. COVID 19 is a kind of coronavirus which is causing people to develop much more severe illnesses than other coronaviruses. What are the symptoms of COVID19? The most

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  • CPAP use during COVID 19 pandemic

    Overview: The COVID19 virus is mainly spread from the aerolisation of respiratory droplets from patients that are infected, therefore it is a highly contagious virus. It is a difficult time and many long term and short term CPAP users may have questions regarding the device use and the current state of the pandemic. We have

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  • COVID 19 FAQs

    1. I need to see a specialist,  but am concerned about coming into contact with other patients. What can I do if I do not want to attend the practice in person? Redlands specialist Centre is offering telehealth/phone consultations where feasible. Please call us for the cost of this. 2. Can I still attend for

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  • Do You Think You Need a Sleep Specialist? 

    Do You Think You Need a Sleep Specialist? 

    Everybody suffers from poor sleep quality every now and then. You know you have a sleep issue when this causes increased lethargy during the day, and impacts on your daytime function. Up all night, counting sheep?  A shocking revelation that a third of adults sleep less than 6 hours per night consistently. Although the amount

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