1. I need to see a specialist,  but am concerned about coming into contact with other patients. What can I do if I do not want to attend the practice in person?

Redlands specialist Centre is offering telehealth/phone consultations where feasible. Please call us for the cost of this.

2. Can I still attend for a face-to-face consultation? What precautions are being taken if I attend the clinic in person?

Some specialists are still offering face-to-face consultations. If you have an appointment, we will let you know if this has been switched to a telehealth/phone consultation.

Our Centre has been closely following public health advice. All patients are screened, prior to their appointment, to make sure they have not had any exposure to COVID 19, or any symptoms that could suggest COVID 19 infection. Patients are being asked to wait in the car, until the doctor is ready to take them in for their appointment. Hand sanitiser is available in the clinic.

3. I suffer from a respiratory condition.  Am I at increased risk, if I get COVID 19 infection?

Yes. you are at increased risk, and the risk increases with the severity of your respiratory disease (as it would with other respiratory infections). It is recommended that you make sure you have an updated action plan,  and follow public health advice. If you do not have an updated action plan, you can make a telephone appointment with your respiratory specialist, to go through this.

4. I suffer from asthma/COPD, and I am experiencing increased shortness of breath/cough. Could I have COVID 19?

If you have not had any known contact with someone who has COVID 19, it is more likely that these symptoms are due to an exacerbation of your asthma/COPD, from a different cause. The common symptoms of COVID 19 infection include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. If community transmission becomes more prevalent in Australia, it may become difficult to differentiate who has these symptoms due to COVID  19 infection, or other infection. If in doubt, it would be best to consult your GP or respiratory specialist. If you have any of these symptoms, please do not come to the clinic. We will be able to arrange a phone/telehealth consolidation.

5. I have asthma/COPD. Should I be getting the flu injection in these circumstances?

It is recommended that you get the flu injection, not only to protect against the flu, but also as another viral infection, will reduce your body’s defences, and increase your risk of acquiring COVID 19 infection.

6. I think I may have COVID 19 infection. Can I get help from your clinic?

If you suspect you may have COVID 19 infection, you are not sure what to do, and you have previously seen one of our respiratory specialists, please call to arrange a phone/video consultation. (An updated GP referral may be needed). Please do not come to the clinic. The need for testing will be assessed at the consultation, and you will be sent for testing if needed. If you we are not one of our existing patients, we can assess you, with a GP referral.

7. I have heard that steroids may not be safe in COVID infection. Should I have steroids if I have an asthma flare up?

If you suffer from asthma, you will need to stay on your usual preventers. If you have an asthma flareup, you still need to follow your normal action plan, and use oral steroids if needed.

8. Are you still performing lung function testing?

Our lung function lab is still open, and we are doing lung function testing, only for urgent cases, as determined by our respiratory specialists. Disinfection in between patients is being performed to a high standard, according to infection control protocols, to cover COVID 19.

9. Are you still performing home sleep studies?

Yes, we are continuing to provide this service. However, the amount of patient contact during home sleep studies has been significantly reduced. We have an online video which details every aspect of the set up, so the patient comes into the clinic, collects the equipment and goes home to set it up themselves.

Our sleep technician is in constant contact with the patient to ensure that the set up is done to a high standard as we do not want to compromise data being recorded. We have made all our paperwork digitally available and are providing patients with disinfectant wipes to use on the equipment before they return it to our clinic. We are then disinfecting all the equipment with a disinfectant that targets COVID 19.

Patients are screened before the set up to ensure they do not have anyone at home who is in self-isolation and confirm they do not meet the criteria for possible COVID 19 infection.

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