Lung Function Testing

Most patients with respiratory complaints need a “breathing test” for further assessment. During these tests patients are asked to perform various breathing manoeuvres which will provide valuable information, and aid in reaching an accurate diagnosis.

Your GP and other specialists can also refer you for a lung function test. Request forms can be downloaded HERE (link to lung function referral form)

The following tests are performed in our lab:

  • Spirometry (pre and post bronchodilator)
  • Gas transfer/ DLCO
  • Lung volumes
  • MIPS and MEPS
  • Lying and Standing Vital Capacity
  • Metacholine challenge test
  • 6 Minute walk test/ exercise oximetry
  • Fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO)


Measures the amount and speed of inhaled and exhaled air, before and after bronchodilator. Used to identify and monitor impaired ventilatory function and response to bronchodilators.

CO transfer

Measures the transfer of gas from the lung to the red blood cells. Affected by emphysema, asthma, clots or bleeding in the lungs, scarring of the lung, or diseases affecting the blood vessels in the lung.

Lung volumes

Used to differentiate between obstructive and restrictive disease and some effects of chronic respiratory conditions on the efficiency of the respiratory system.

Bronchial Provocation

Used to confirm the presence of asthma, may be required for employment purposes.


Maximal inspiratory and expiratory pressures. Measure of respiratory muscle strength.

Lying and standing VC

Measures difference in vital capacity between lying and standing. Used to assess diaphragm function.

Exercise oximetry

Measures oxygen levels on exercise. Used to assess oxygen requirements during exercise.

6 minute walk test

Required by Medicare/ DVA to support application for supplemental oxygen on exercise.


Measures level of asthma inflammation in the airways, and is a guide to treatment.

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