Waiting Times

Specialist Appointment Availability

Please find below the Appointment consulting dates as at 8 Feb 2021.

In general, consulting availability shown here may change due to the constantly changing appointment schedules. Medically important matters are handled as soon as possible. If the matter is an emergency please contact local emergency services. Please contact us on 07 3193 5400 for all general enquiries.


Specialist /Specialty Date Avg Wait Periods
Dr Cheng Jun Siew – Respiratory & Sleep Specialist 8 April 1 – 2 Wks (urgent Sooner)
Dr Anura Seneviratna – Respiratory Specialist 6 April 1-2 Wks
Dr Gonesh Karmakar – Respiratory & Sleep Specialist 15 April 2-3Wks (urgent Sooner)
Dr Miriam Vassallo – Respiratory & Sleep Specialist 18 May 6-7 Wks (urgent Sooner)