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    • APRIL 20, 2022
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    What is an Airphysio?

    What is an Airphysio? When you see a Respiratory Specialist, GP or are experiencing mucus build up in your airways, this device can help with airway clearance. It is very simple to use and can help…

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    • MARCH 23, 2022
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    What is ‘FeNO’ Testing?

    FeNO stands for Fraction exhaled Nitric Oxide. This test is a short test that measures inflammation present in the airways. Nitric oxide is produced in the airways as part of the inflammatory response…

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    • MAY 11, 2020
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    What is coronavirus (COVID 19)? Coronaviruses are a family of viruses which can lead to people developing common colds and other upper respiratory tract infections when infected. COVID 19 is a kind…

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    • MAY 1, 2020
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    CPAP use during COVID 19 pandemic

    Overview: The COVID19 virus is mainly spread from the aerolisation of respiratory droplets from patients that are infected, therefore it is a highly contagious virus. It is a difficult time and many…

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