Breathe Well is a certified sleep study centre, welcoming patients from Cleveland and all across Brisbane to take part in our sleep studies.

If you are having trouble sleeping and wish to take part in a sleep study, our centre can arrange this for you. Reach out to our team to learn more.

How Does the Sleep Study Work?

With the growing trend towards home based sleep studies for suspected obstructive sleep apnoea most patients can now be tested in the comfort of their own home. A technician will set up and attach the monitoring equipment in our centre and the patient returns home to sleep. This has the advantage of the patient being monitored in his/ her usual sleeping environment usually translates to a better patient experience and better sleep on the study night compared to sleep lab studies. For those patients who require treatment, CPAP can be initiated at home.

All our sleep studies are reported by and conducted under the supervision of Australian registered sleep and respiratory specialists

Your GP can also refer you directly for a home seep study. Referral forms can be downloaded HERE.

Our home sleep studies are bulk billed

 In-Lab Sleep Study at our Cleveland Centre

Some patients require a sleep study in a sleep lab, where a nurse is in attendance. You usually need to turn up at 7 pm and can leave after breakfast the next morning. You are given a private room, and a nurse will set you up with the monitoring equipment. Results are usually available within 1-2 weeks through your GP or sleep specialist

Our in lab sleep studies are currently provided by Sleep Care. Centres are located at Greenslopes Private Hospital, Sunnybank Private Hospital (for privately insured patients) and St. Andrews Place (bulk billed).

CPAP And Sleep Apnoea Treatments

CPAP Australia is currently the main CPAP provider in the Redlands, and also offers alternative sleep apnoea treatments. They are located next door to Redlands Specialist Centre.

Get in touch with our team at Breathe Well to set up an appointment. You can learn more about our appointment process here. Located in Cleveland, our office welcomes anyone from Brisbane and beyond.

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